7 Steps on How to Catch and Release a Trout … and Celebrate Correctly

Apr 9, 2014

The practice of catch and release this days “Is a must” with the increase of people fishing all over the world.If we all of us keep every trout that we catch I am pretty sure that there will be no trout for the kids of my kids … we must educated and reinforce !

Personally if I want to eat fish I go to the local fair or supermarket for it. It’s a fact, that for some rivers a live trout is worth more money than a dead one.

There is many way to approach this topic or ” fad”, I guess every body have a valid point, there nothing wrong to take a fresh trout and share with family and friends; or the magical bonding moment and memories between a father and a son when they share next to a fire, the fresh catch with a cold one out in the wild … just something that money can’t buy.

Here is a video of what I consider the proper practice of catch and release a trout … and celebrate accordingly !

-Step # 1

Use a rubber net … When a trout rubs around in a net, it can deplete the slime layer on its scales that help protect it from disease.

-Step # 2

Bring the fish to the net as fast as you can. The longer the fight, the more exhausted a fish becomes, and the more lactic acid builds up in its body. This can cause the fish to die some time later, even after you watch it swim away

Fact: the sooner you are able to release a fish after hooking it, the better its survival odds.

Step # 3

Get your hands wet before you handle a trout .. Wet hands are less likely to damage the protective coating of mucous on the outside of the fish. This slimy layer helps protect the fish’s skin from disease

Step # 4

Leave the fish in the water and if you want … .. Imagine running 1 mile from a Angry Grizzly Bear, when he catch you he dunks your head in bucket of water, and starts taking picture of it.

…How long are you going to last ?

-Step #5

Don’t hold him to tight so you don’t harm internal organs.

Keep fingers away from gills.

-Step # 6

Face the fish upstream to oxygenate the trout. Don’t let fish go until it gives strong  tail-swimming movements

Step # 7

… Celebrate Properly !!!


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