4 Steps how to Find an Awesome Trout on the Elk River (sight fishing) and if you’re lucky … catch it !

Apr 19, 2014

By – Andres Gonzalezfoto-100x100[1]

If you want to catch a big Trout on any river you better start thinking like one,  or ….  come and fish with me !

”  … I like a home  where I feel safe, with lots of oxygen and most important of all;  abundance of Food  that I don’t have to work so hard for ! “ . This is my interpretation on how big trout thinks (Behave) in a river.  Actually,  they sound lot like people that I know.

Step # 1 Structure and Hydraulics .
Boulders , logs or a deep bank with a steady current are some of the areas that big trout prefer on the Elk River. Obstruction like these, create the right hydraulics, they don’t struggle and the current holds them without spending any energy swimming as well, it’s as easy food and shelter, all in one place … it’s trout paradise !

Step # 2 Polarize Patience
Polarized glasses not only “make you look” like you know what you’re doing but as well, they help you see fish under water. The trick is to focus on the bottom of the river, looking for trout shapes and if you see a moving log … this might be “MobyDick” (monster trout) !

Step# 3 Foam is Home !
Reading the waters is the first thing that you do when you approach any piece of water. On the Elk River, a classic example is “Fast water meeting Slow water”. Lots of food gets trapped in the “Foam line” created by the combination of these currents and trout love it !

Step# 4 Selecting the right pattern of fly
If you do your homework and have the right flies in your tackle box or luckily, you’re with a professional guide on the Elk … like me … your chances are much higher to catch that trout ! …somebody has to know what they like to eat if you want to catch them !

It’s a fact of life that …. The Big fish eats the Small fish …, the less work for a trout getting his food … the less energy spent, therefore he grows bigger and has a better chance of survival.

More lessons coming soon. When you decide to come to the Elk River, contact me and I will show you where they live ! andresflyfish@gmail.com


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