Bull Trout Experience 2016 … 20 Pounder !

Dec 5, 2016

Enjoying the beauty of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, chucking big heavy streamer so we can land massive big Bull Trout’s and the secret of any good fishing trip …. lots of “Macho-Ego ” grief to each other, just makes a perfect Fishing Trip !
… especially when I get to land a 20 pound Bull Trout !!!

It’s been 6 years on a row that my good Amigo Rob and I have been doing the Bull Trout Experience on the Kootenai river with our favorite Captain Adam and simply, it just does not get old !

I am just thankful for been able to live such great experience with good friends, Enjoy the video !

Andres G.

Somebull-rob-and-i-2016 Pictures … dji_0004dji_0021img_0973