Best of Elk River Fly Fishing Adventures 2017 Video

May 1, 2018

Another amazing season  on the Elk River 2017 and tributaries as gone by and I had the fortune to create this video of the best shots, I hope you enjoy it !

Click the play button below to see the Best of the Elk River Fly Fishing Adventures 2017 Video

… and I just finish my 3rd summer in a row, (living the eternal summer experience) going for my 4th right now and I am really starting miss my skiing in the rockies of B.C with my girls … but been fair, I can not complain. Fishing and guiding between the Elk River in Canada and my season in Patagonia Chile as been pretty amazing Experience … specially when you get to catch a 29′ BROWN TROUT ON  A DRY FLY IN PATAGONIA …sorry for bragging but I just can’t help myself !!!

I think the video explains the amazing fly fishing experience that clients enjoyed last season here in Fernie British columbia, Canada with DBO.

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Best to Y ‘all !


Brown Trout 29 inches on a dry Fly.
Trophy of Patagonia 2018


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